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How to wash a hat? What is the best way to clean a hat?  How to wash a hat by hand? Want to washing a hat in the washing machine? 

This article will answer your questions. 

In addition to buying clothes and shoes, the common thing we usually buy is a hat. Hats are a kind of dress on the head, it has a lot of roles, but now has become a fashion match for young people. We wear clothes in our daily lives and use hats, but how do hats wash if they are dirty? Many people are washed in water, but hats also have different cleaning methods. Today’s editor-in-chief will share with you how to cleverly clean the hat. The first knitted hat, the knitted hat is usually a hand-woven hat.

how to wash a hat

It’s easy to damage if you wash it with a washing machine, but we can sew it in a laundry bag. Wash your hat with a lot of clothes, so it’s easy to damage. So be sure to wash it very carefully. Start washing time to put water, and then put the hat and clothing into it, do not use hot water, it seems that will fade phenomenon, and some materials encounter hot water will shrink, washing time to use a more neutral detergent. If like some wool materials, we need to wash with special detergent.

how to wash a hat2

Press your hat to the bottom of the water when you wash, because some hats will float on the water before they are not watered, and you should soak in the water for thirty to sixty minutes or so, if the hat is particularly dirty for several night. After washing, put the hat in a place where the sun does not shine, and naturally air dry in a ventilated place. Knitted cap can also be washed similiarly, first find a pot filled with water, just said not to use hot water or warm water, put some mild detergent and then stir evenly, and then put in the hat bubble for half an hour or so.

black baseball cap

Wash it clean and squeeze out excess water by hand. But do not screw dry, otherwise the hat will be deformed will also affect aesthetics, placed in the air place natural air dry. The second, baseball cap, likewise, puts the baseball cap in hot water and soaks it for about twenty to thirty minutes before adding detergent. You can use detergent to use that unscented one, otherwise it will damage the hat. Brush it clean with a toothbrush, rinse it clean and then let it dry. Another way is to wash it in the dishwasher at home.

silver baseball cap

You can put the hat on the lower level of the dishwasher, as opposed to the washing machine. The washing will be gentler and will not change at all, take out and then dry the hat. We in the dishwasher, first add detergent, but do not use the best use of laundry some milder, but also no fragrance washing, dishwasher generally have two modes, washing to choose a faster mode, if the time is too long, hat will be deformed phenomenon. The third is a straw hat, depends on the different materials, some are not washable.

white baseball cap

After foaming with warm water, wipe the hat by twisting the moisture out with water from the cloth. Wipe it once before you prepare the water, wipe it and leave it to dry. The fourth if it is a leather hat, the home will generally have onions, and then cut it into pieces gently wipe, you can also use a cloth with a little gasoline to wipe, but also can play a good cleaning effect. The fifth wool hat is different from some hats It can not be washed with water, if encountered water will shrink, if the hat on the dust, you can also use tape to remove the dust on it.

red beanie hat

Like some wool hat, do not need to be washed often, otherwise it will affect its wear and use warranty. In fact, dry cleaning is the best way when it is necessary to wash it. And usually the hat we should pay attention to some aspects, the hat down, do not throw on the side. And should be placed on the shelf, when do not wear it to get rid of the hat dust in a dry place.