Project Description

What is the difference between a peaked cap and a baseball cap? Peak caps and baseball caps have three differences in appearance, collocation, and origin.

1. Difference in appearance

The base of the baseball cap is swollen, the brim is straight, and the baseball cap is a dome.

The top of the cap is flat, accompanied by a tongue that resembles a tongue, and the cap is flat like a pan.

2, the difference in collocation

Baseball caps pay attention to sporty style and are more casual with clothes.

Peaked caps need to be more careful with clothes. Generally speaking, pay attention to the uniformity with clothing colors.

3. Differences in origin

The name of the baseball cap comes from the United States. Baseball is very popular in the United States. In addition to athletes, fans of the team will also wear their favorite team hats. After becoming popular, baseball caps are not just baseball team hats, but have become one of the favorite items of many young people chasing fashion.

A cap

The peak cap was originally a hat worn by hunters during hunting. Therefore, it is also called a hunting cap. Because of its flat brim, it is called a peak cap. Peaked caps have begun to be combined with fashionable sports style. Many designers like to use peaked caps when designing clothing lines with a sporty atmosphere….