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The history of China caps

It is said that the hat was invented by the ancestor Huangdi. In the slave society, the hat was originally only used in the upper society, symbolizing the ruling power and noble status, called “crown”; “Miriam” said: “hat” is “headgear” or “yuan clothes”. Yuan, head also. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, ordinary people could only use “scarves” to bundle their hair.


During the Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties, the crown began to be popular among the folk Confucian and elegant. The special symbolism gradually fades, but it is still popular among the people as a status symbol: general scholars and wealthy merchants and their children can wear hats, but there are prescribed styles; typical scholar hats and merchant hats are more popular in the Five Dynasties and Songs; Wrapping hair with a cloth is called a “square scarf”. In the Yuan Dynasty, hats of northern nomads began to spread to the Central Plains, with leather hats and felt hats. The Ming Dynasty also restored the “crown” system.


After the Qing Dynasty entered the Central Plains, the hat really became popular, and it could be worn by the emperor down to the poor. In the late Qing Dynasty, with the introduction of Western culture, the hat also changed. The top shape makes little difference in hats, the special grade meaning of hats gradually disappears, and the practical value begins to play a role.


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