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What are the classification and materials of knitted hats? Reasons for custom price differences in knit hats

The weather is getting cold. Although there are a lot of novel Lei Feng hats, berets, thick baseball caps and big cashmere hats in the autumn and winter hats, many MM still love wool hats and knitted hats. A good wool hat and knit hat must be What are the classification and materials of knitted hats with good hats and materials?

baby beanie hat-1

Knitted Hat Category-1: Dome Knit Cap

The style of the dome knit hat is relatively simple, mainly on the method of knitting the hat, and some parts also use some decorations on the outside of the hat to make the hat simple and not simple.

dome knit cap-2

Knitted Hat Category-2: ball knit hat

The top of the ball knit hat has a small ball of wool. This ball can be particularly cute for the wearer. Some hats will have a ball. This hat is suitable for girls to wear, and it is very good to look with a coat or a down jacket.

ball knit hat-3

Knit hat Category-3: knit hat with brim

A knit hat with a brim refers to a hat crest in front of the wool cap. The design of the knit cap is very fashionable for the wearer. This hat can keep the sun warm while keeping warm.

knit hat with brim-4

Knitted Hat Category-4: beanie hat with Earmuffs

The earmuffs are similar to the Leifeng hat, but they are more youthful than the Leifeng hat. The classic two-sided ear protection design is both fashionable and quite warm, especially suitable for cold winter wear.

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Knitted cap material, what kind of material is used for knitting knit hat

Knitted hats are of the same variety and variety. Common materials are wool hats and velvet knitted hats. The wool yarn used for the wool hat usually refers to the yarn spun from wool, and also has different kinds of chemical fiber spun yarns, such as acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, cotton material, etc. The yarn products of different materials only need one lighter, which can be roughly distinguished. come out. Plush knit hats are usually made of cashmere or cashmere.

beanie hat with Earmuffs-5

Knitted Cap Material: Wool Hat


Wool hat category-1: cotton material: 100% COTTON

When the cotton thread is burning, there will be a burning paper smell, the flame is orange, there is blue smoke, the wool is not shrinking, the fire source is left, and it can continue to burn. There is a small amount of gray powder, the powder is soft and the hand is light. I decided to touch the fans.


Wool hat category-2: wool fiber: 100% WOOL


When it is close to the fire source, the wool thread will curl immediately, dissolve slowly, the flame is orange, there is a smell of burning hair, the grain is shiny and amorphous, and it is loose and brittle and rough. 


Wool hat category-3: polyester fiber: POLYESTER

Close to the flame, melt first, melt, smoke, and slowly burn; the flame is yellow-white, continue to burn when leaving the flame, sometimes self-extinguishing; smell: special aromatic sweetness; residue characteristics: hard black beads.

beanie hat girl-7

Wool hat category-4: nylon fiber: NYLON

Close to the flame: meltdown; contact with the flame: melting, smoking; leaving the flame: self-extinguishing; smell: amino taste; residue characteristics: hard light brown transparent beads.

Wool hat category-5: Acrylic fiber ACRYLIC

Acrylic fiber: close to the flame: meltdown; contact with the flame: melting, smoking; leaving the flame: continue to burn, black smoke; smell: spicy taste; residue characteristics: black irregular beads, fragile.

Wool hat category-6: polypropylene fiber POLYPROPLENE

Polypropylene fiber: close to the flame: meltdown; contact flame: melting, burning; leaving the flame: continue to burn; smell: paraffin flavor; residue characteristics: grayish white hard transparent beads.

nylon beanie hat-8

Knitted Cap Material: Plush Hat



Plush hats catagory-1: cashmere

Cashmere refers to cashmere, a thin layer of fine velvet that grows on the outer skin of a goat and hides at the base of the goat’s hair. It grows in the cold winter, resists the cold, and falls off after the spring turns warm, adapting naturally to the climate. Cashmere grows only on goats.

Plush hats catagory-2: sheep cashmere

Many people refer to sheep’s wool, which is similar to cashmere, as sheep wool. In fact, sheep does not have cashmere. Cashmere is actually a kind of high quality wool.

Plush hats catagory-3: cashmere

It is a line made of acrylic which has a special smoothness, softness and elasticity, and has excellent dyeing properties of acrylic, called cashmere. This product has more vivid colors than natural cashmere. However, in actual wear, it is still impossible to get rid of the problem of static electricity from acrylic.

Plush hats catagory-4: Rabbit Plush

Fine hairs of the roots of rabbit hair. The fluff-free fiber is fine, the velvet is strong, the surface scales are neat and tidy, the cashmere is soft and the silk is smooth. The rabbit fleece fiber is a porous structure with a medullary cavity layer, so the warmth is twice that of the wool, and the moisture absorption is breathable. It is also superior to other natural fibers and has the health care properties of skin care. Now there is a colorful rabbit velvet, the price is much more expensive than the average rabbit velvet.