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How to wear a beanie hat? Learn these 6 styles, you can also easily concave shape

Speaking of knit hats, the first impression I gave was full childishness and cold protection! In the cold winter, if you want to warm your body, besides keeping your body warm, you must not miss your head!

A practical cold-fashionable knit hat with a dragon-like effect that makes you look unique in the cold winter. But how do you wear a knit hat? Learn these 6 styles, you can also easily concave shape.


beanie hat1


Style 1:

beanie hat2

How do you wear a knit hat? Let’s learn the first knit hat, black wool coat with small black pants, and double black boots on the feet, stylish and warm. Wearing a warm black knit hat, the knit hat stands upright and the face will be more three-dimensional, the curls will be more feminine and can be easily concave. Paired with a black scarf, it complements the black knit hat, and there is a handsome European and American style on the whole.


Style 2: 

beanie hat3

The dark blue knit cap stands upright and forms a “triangle cone”, which makes it more spiritual. A long coat with stitching color, a thin striped sweater, a lower-length jeans, and a navy blue knit hat with a small cuffed design. The hem of the jeans is rolled to create a sense of style.


Style 3: 

beanie hat4

In this cold winter, the rich colors will drive away the winter haze, people no longer feel depressed, then you need a stylish warm knit hat! But the point is: to be bright! Leopard-print coats with red and white bottoming shirts, jeans with lower holes in the lower body, and black short-heeled shoes on the feet, have a wild taste. A pink knit cap is full of stealth, and the red and white bottoming shirt is very colorful. Is your heart moving?


Style 4: 

beanie hat5

How do you wear a knit hat? When you walk into the street wearing a lemon-yellow knit hat, the rate of returning is 200%, and there are countless eye-catching. The lavender top with a light grey pleated skirt and a brown-black scarf is warm and stylish. The lemon-yellow knit hat makes the whole person look elegant and noble, and a small white satchel adds a lot of points.


Style 5: 

beanie hat6

The characteristics of the knitted hat are full of childishness and warmth, yet lovely. How do you wear a knit hat? The black leather coat with black thin stockings has an indescribable appeal, a woman’s little sexy, and can be easily concave. The black leather coat has a white fluff design at the edge of the neckline, and it has the same effect as a purple knit hat with a fur ball. It is cute and stylish. The pair of black ankle boots on the feet made the whole person highly confident.


Style 6:

beanie hat7

Unconsciously, I went to the 6th Knit Cap Performance Show~ I used a white shirt with a wave of polka dots in the green windbreaker, and the lower body was star-studded jeans. A knit hat with a black double-hair ball on the head, similar to the shape of Mickey Mouse, is small and cute.

How do you wear a knit hat? Learn these 6 styles, you can also easily concave shape.