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How to wear a baseball cap?

Everyone knows that hats have the functions of sunshade, decoration, warming and protection. There are many types, and of course the choice is also very particular. Since each person’s face, body and skin color are different, so I have subdivided it here. I hope that the friends who saw this article can master some basic methods of hat matching. I personally think it is very useful!

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At present, hats have formed a trend in China. They are all seen in stores or Taobao stores. They are worn in spring, summer, autumn and winter, regardless of the season. Hats are popular and practical accessories, but there are still many people who wear hats. Still don’t know much, including myself, huh, huh. Recently, because the nature of the work of the company is very different from that of the previous company, it requires a lot of reading and understanding of fashion. Therefore, there is contact in this area. There are often MMs on the road because they are not worn properly and are not very good-looking. Here is a description:


If the hat is not properly worn, it will actually reduce the true value of the hat as an ornament. Then, as far as I understand it, I will give a rough explanation of the steps to wear a hat.

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Pick up a hat, turn it over and look inside, sweat joints, (usually also the washing mark, the sewing of the trademark) is the back of the hat. With the sweat joint at the back, put the hat on the head, and wear the cap completely. Do not leave a gap between the top of the cap and the head, like wearing a high hat. This will also affect the appearance of the hat if you I feel that after wearing the cap completely, the cap is very close to the line of sight, and the hat can be pulled back properly, but it can never be pulled too much. The hat line is not because you don’t wear the cap completely or pull the hat back to avoid it, but you can flip the cap properly, which will be much more beautiful.


Most of the hats are evenly coded. The instructions indicate that they are suitable for wearing the head circumference. Individuals with specific sizes should be marked on the hat. When choosing, be sure to pay more attention. Of course, you can also consult the seller.


Generally speaking, it is not difficult to buy a hat in a shopping mall. MM can try wearing a hat. If you buy it online, there is no real thing to try on. If you are afraid of buying an inappropriate hat, I suggest you first determine the size of your head circumference, which is convenient for the seller to give you advice.


The method of measuring the soft ruler: the back of the head touches the highest point, and at the point of 2 cm below, the hair is wrapped around the forehead, and the ruler is not too tight and too loose. This data adds about 1 cm.



I hope that my sharing is useful to everyone!


1. Matching skills of hat and face:

The person with the face of the melon seeds is suitable for wearing all kinds of hats, but the depth of the hat type should be moderate, so as to expose about 1/3 of the face shape;

For people with square faces, the shape of the hat should be proportionately higher, and the face should be exposed 3/4, suitable for octagonal hats, cowboy hats, curling caps, hats, etc.;

For round-faced people, the hat should be designed as a square, pointed or polygonal shape, suitable for berets, caps, engineering caps, knight caps, etc.;

For long-faced people, the hat should not be too high, otherwise the face will appear longer, and the face should be exposed 2/3, suitable for fisherman hats, big hats, cylinder caps, etc.


2, hat and body matching skills:

The human body has high and low points. Those who are tall and tall should not be small when choosing a hat, otherwise they will give a top-heavy feeling. A tall man should not wear a high-cap, and a short man should not wear a flat-topped wide-brimmed hat.



3, hat and skin color matching skills:

People with ruddy complexion can coordinate with many colors, but don’t wear too red hats; those with yellow skin should wear hats with dark brown and beige, and should not wear yellow and green hats; those with dark skin should choose bright colors. When hats, pay attention to the overall effect of dressing, according to the clothing to match the hat effect; white skin people, hats apply more colors, but because the skin is too white to give people a sense of softness, so choose the color of the hat, to avoid Choose white or approximate color.



4, matching skills of hats and clothing:

Wearing a hat of the same color or similar to the main color can give a fresh and elegant feeling;

Wearing a hat that contrasts sharply with the color of the garment makes it feel lively and healthy;

It is best to wear a darker hat when wearing printed clothes;

Wear a blue or red hat when wearing red or blue clothing;

Wearing a suit, a windbreaker, a coat, a common hat or a wool cap;

Wearing a sports suit and wearing a baseball cap or an empty top hat will make you look good.