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How to make a baseball cap?

1: The type of hats Generally, hats can be divided into: sun hats, baseball caps, tennis caps, knit caps, swimming caps, etc. You may purchase hats made in bangladesh or China with cheaper price. But please be cautious of all the type of them.


2: The size of the hat is two adult sizes and children’s size (the adult size is 58CM for the inner circumference of the hat and the inner circumference of the hat for the child is 56CM). This is conventional. If you request a special size according to your requirements, the size will be plus or minus 0.5CM.


3: The material is usually divided into: cotton material, return cloth, denim, elastic cloth, etc. P. S: There are many kinds of fabrics. For example, there are four kinds of cotton materials commonly used: 10*10 and 7*7. These two kinds of cotton materials are suitable for making LOGO hats made by embroidery. The texture is thicker, indicating that it is not very smooth. The 108*56 and 108*58 are suitable for the LOGO. The print is a hat. The material is relatively flat, so the printed LOGO looks beautiful.


4: Hat’s composition hat eyebrow + hat body + oxygen hole + top button + adjustment belt + sweat-proof strip + size strip + reinforcement


cap eyebrows: generally use PE board + guest selected fabric two, generally have two Kind of hat eyebrow, one is a monochrome hat eyebrow, the other is called a sandwich hat eyebrow, the monochrome hat eyebrows as the name suggests is only one color of cloth wrapped around the PE board’s hat eyebrows, San Ming Yong hat eyebrows refers to the hat eyebrows.


The side of the side has three color fabrics layered together with the hat eyebrows (relatively this type of hat eyebrows are more difficult to make), PE board is generally a variety of hats have a fixed style PE board, but can also According to the special requirements of the guests, the mold opening is made.


In addition, due to the fabric on the eyebrow and the PE board, in order to avoid misalignment between the PE board and the hat eyebrow during use, there will be 4 sewing lines on the upper end of the hat eyebrow (usually 4 cars, also Can be increased or decreased according to the requirements of the guests).


Hat body: The general baseball has 6 pieces. The LOGO is usually embroidered or printed on the two pieces in front of the hat. The oxygen permeable holes are placed at the upper end of each piece. The oxygen permeable holes are usually divided into eyelets. Oxygen permeability hole and embroidery oxygen transmission hole, the top button is placed at the top end of the 6 pieces of material, which plays a role, one of which is to fix 6 pieces of material which are not easy to loosen after bonding, and the second is Beautiful. Adjusting belt: The main function is to make some people’s heads slightly larger or smaller. If you adjust them properly, you can use them. Generally, there are metal buckles or plastic buckles, and there is a grinding stick. The total length is 7-8CM. Anti-sweat strip: generally composed of white cotton + a thin layer of sponge, it is the inner side of the hat, the main role is to absorb sweat. Dimensions: It is used to avoid the size of each worker’s car being too small or too small when using the tram. Reinforcement: Generally, the white melon cloth (which is relatively hard) is used. The main function is to make the two pieces in the center of the front of the hat not soft, and the main function is to enhance the beauty of the whole hat.


5: Operation process: drawing draft (passing the guest confirmation) → paper output (cut a complete hat with cardboard according to the artwork) → beater pattern (guest confirmation) → open die → cut cloth → embroidery or print LOGO → Oxygen venting → sewing (first hat body → car hat eyebrows → car sweat band → car adjustment buckle) → order top button → hot flat → packaging → quality inspection


production process should pay attention to: 

no special requirements for guests In this case,

choose a sewing thread with a suitable color.


Quality precautions: 

Measure the size of the hat with the measuring instrument of the hat to meet the requirements of the guests;

To take the hat to wash, to test whether the hat will fade;

Whether the hat eyebrows have a car;

When the hat eyebrows are on the PE board, the surface The powder should not be too much, too obvious;

When embroidering LOGO, the bottom fabric cannot be seen;


Quality requirements: 

  • The stitch length must be kept between 3cm/10-12 needles;
  • The hats generally have sweat bands and sweat bands. The non-woven paper has 70g and 85g, the color generally requires white, can not be yellow;
  • the seal at the sub-master is generally at the outer mouth;
  • the sweat must be flat; the non-cracking, especially the visor In part, the stitching of the visor is not too large;
  • The top button has three corners and two corners. Generally, three corners are used, and at least 15 pounds of tension are generally required.
  • The rust must be Puncture, the color is generally required to be consistent with the main color of the hat;
  • The middle part of the front of the hat is generally embroidered and PVC standard; its position requirement is generally 2cm-2.5cm on the lower mouth, centered on both sides, if it is embroidery, it is required Color must match Sum can not leave the thread, if it is PVC standard, it is required sizes must meet the requirements, and can not appear Alice, defects and so on.
  • The seaming part should be flat when ironing, the temperature is generally required to be between 105 and 110 degrees, and the time is generally 7s-8s.
  • The size of the ring of the hat must be correct;
  • When the upper lip is used, its position must be Centered, can’t be skewed.
  • The corners of the Velcro are generally required to be trimmed into rounded corners.