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Design your own baseball cap

Wondering to know how to make a baseball cap? I think you are in the right place. 

This post is not about how to produce a baseball cap in the factory. If you want to know this topic, please check this article: How to make a baseball cap?


Now we talk about how to design a baseball cap for your brand. You can check the picture on the right. 

A compelete baseball has crown, eyelet, bill, sweatband, top button, back closure and panel. The change of each part will generate different kind of caps. You can check this article for more: The introduction of baseball caps


First off, confirm the styles you want of each part for custom baseball cap. For example, you might need 5 panel hats which is popular in the shop now, and trucker hats with short brim. The size chart can be provided if necessary. 

Second, figure out your logo. The logo info includes the design file, size, location, and printinng way ( embrodered or digital printing). Maybe you will require a digital sample of caps. How to draw a baseball cap in AI or Photoshop to see the final style? I will post this content in my another blog. 

After these steps, you can go to the cap manufacturer for a sample. This is not easy to find a reliable supplier who can give you a good advice of sampling. Please check this post for guidance: How to find a supplier in China?

To do a business, it is a good start to have your own brand and good supplier. They will add more value for you in the long run. So be cautious when choosing a supplier. 

cap overview

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