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How to choose China and Bangladesh hat manufacturers

China is a world manufacturer and you can find 99% of the products in China, and most of the products can be produced in Guangdong and Zhejiang Province. But as the lift of human cost, many goods in China might not cheap anymore. So what about looking for another countries for the cheaper one, such as Bangladesh hats?


Actually, we are a factory in China who makes snapback hats and military caps for so many years, but the price is much higher than three years ago, why? The salary of workers are increased every year. People in China has better life and a little inflation. For example, if you want to order 50pcs dad hats from us, the price will be $5 PER UNIT including shipping cost by FedEx. Most of the factory will not produce only 50pcs, their MOQ is 500pcs for each order. But we can. I believe this price is the best in China. But there is lower quote in Bangladesh.


As the marketing director of Megarments Group, I always get many emails from many countries to recommend their low price caps to me. I am astonished with their price but still do not know the quality.

bangladesh hat manufacturers

So I ordered a sample from them to check if it is better than us. To know more about the lower price and quality. Actually there is some technical differences between Chinese caps and Bangladesh hats. (If you want to know more details please leave your comments or email, I will send you more info. )


It is hard to judge but the stitching and embroidered logo is not very clear and clean. The color of yarn is also not totally correct. Then I know the reason of the differences and why China is called “the World Factory”.


It is not because of the cheap price, but also the whole industry system. You can easily find the right supplier of yarn and dyeing. The stock is large and the ability of worker is better. The system is complete not only in hat manufactures, but also all the products. I understand that the Bangladesh hat manufacturers can make much lower price in the same quantity, however, you’d better consider more options not only price. The extra service is also important, such as logo design, package, shipment and so on.

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