Project Description

6 ways crochet a beanie hat

Do you need a hat? Nowadays, there are so many styles of hats, it may not be easy to figure out which one you want to do. In this tutorial, you will find ways to make a variety of hats, and these methods may even play a role in inspiring, let you think of more practices!

Method 1: Stitching a hat

If you like sewing, there are several ways to sew a hat. Here are a few ideas.

Method 2: Woven hat with wool

If you can knit wool, then it is a good choice from the Bini hat to the hat.

Method 3: Making paper hat

With a little practice, everyone can make a paper hat. If you need a hat for your costume or Halloween, it is the fastest and most effective way to make a paper hat. You can also make a paper hat to play. In short, paper hats are convenient for any purpose.

Method 4: Making Halloween hats

Method 5: Use professional hat making skills

If you already have a lot of experience in making hats, then the room for development is even greater. There are several more complicated ways to make a hat.

Method 6: Pet cap

If you have time and mood, you can also make a hat for your baby pet. Here are a few ideas.

Tips: Making hats with clamshell technology requires guidance from people with relevant professional experience. So if you are going to use this method, it is best to learn from someone who knows how to do it.


You need to prepare:


Fabric, thread, or other material

Head size

Suitable tool

Suitable for hat style and texture (optional)