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10 ways to earn money online

1)Become a writer

Becoming a Wirter is not mean that you need to write a book or post professional article on magazine. No, it is easier.

For example, you can go to “upwork” to register a writer there. And then you can just looking for a task. There are many task like an article related to baseball cap with how to buy the most suitable hats. Or you can choose some easier topic like how to plant a tree, and so on.

You can earn $5-$10 per hour in this way.


2)Become a seller

Nowadays, becoming an online seller is not difficult. You don’t need to register a company and store. Only needs your ID and products info. If you have good supplier now, and they can provide you some products, what are you waiting for?

I can give you some options for selling, such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Shopify, Shopee, Souq, Wish, Ebay, and so on.


3)To finish task

As we know, we need to pay our time to earn money. So the tasks we need are something needs time and energy.

For example, you can get a task on “upwork” like delete all the error in this article, or find 100 links related to baseball caps. It need time but it is easy, right?


4) Evaluating online products

There is a rule of selling online which is help other buyer to evaluating the goods here. The seller will pay you or send you free products for testing the quality. After testing, then you can put a good comment under this products.

It seems a little complex but it is no cost for you. You can get this info from some Facebook Group, which named “Amazon Deals” or “Amazon seller support”. You will get $5-$25 per comment.


5) Forward, Likes

This is much easier way but earn less than before. You can get the task also from Facebook group or INS. Some employer will hire you to finish the task like get 100 “forward” or “Likes”.

Go and find someone who needs this service.


6) Post ADS

As you can see in this title, you need to provide more value for someone who needs it. What I mean is to start a blog and write the high value post on your blog.

And then try to get more clicks and performances every day and every month. You need to get some SEO skills. When you have stable traffic as 100 clicks everyday, you can join the GOOGLE Adsense and put the ADS on you website. The money will come to you later.


7) Become a sourcing agent

Our daily life is not only composed with buy and selling, there are wholesalers, distributors, importers and exporters… What you want to be, is an agent to contact the supplier and buyer. Help them get the right product.

Nowadays, lots of company appeared in New York and Hongkong to do business sourcing. You can do it too personally. Many local business companies needs your help and knowledge!


8) To do SEO service

Yes SEO skills required. This way will help you become better person. On the other hand, if you have SEO skills, you might get a good job with high salary in the network company. 🙂


9) Selling VPN

VPN is a normally tool in our daily life when you want to disguise your real location or log in some limited website. This subject is hot in China because we need them to use GOOGLE when exporting thins.

To make a VPN software is not hard. You only need to buy a VPS in the Sitegound and install a shadowsocks there. Want more detail please subscribe this blog.



10) Drop-shipping

If you want to ask, if there is a way to selling things but no cost? Drop-shipping is the answer.

Let me show you how to do it.

First step, you need to decide which product is hotsale in your market.

Secondly, put it on the retail website like Amazon or Ebay, remember, mark it as an oversea item. And then you can selling it.

Finally, you need to inform your supplier the order address and finish the shipping. The most difficult step is that find a good supplier to cooperate.

You can contact me if you want to do this. Maybe I can give you some advise of good factory.